Meet Our Leaders

Meet the people who are leading the Amicable Healthcare Mission.

DAPO AMOSUNExecutive & Founder
Dapo Amosun brings extensive business experience, including over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

His responsibilities include overseeing company operations, managing legal matters, as well as marketing and strategic planning.

FERGUSON J. ADESOYEExecutive & Founder
Ferguson Adesoye offers over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. As one of the Executive Owners of Amicable Healthcare, Ferguson oversees internal operations to ensure proper monitoring and accountability. He also manages overall financial systems, budgeting, and planning. Ferguson also ensures proper compliance with both Federal and State regulations.

Cristina Serrano

Office Manager

OluSola Amosun

Office Manager

Segun Amosun

Office Manager

Ishmael Adesoye

Office Manager

Judith Walker

Director of Nurse

Teleda Holmes

Program Supervisor

Lisa Harmon

Lead Supervisor

Khadro Jama

Program Supervisor

Amy Liang

Program Supervisor

Jenny Ho

Program Supervisor

Dorothy Sabian

Program Supervisor

Eponi Sua

Training Coordinator

Mary Yerabek

HR / Admin Assistant

Samantha Lee

Program Supervisor

Lead Designer

Allison Poltras

Program Supervisor

Sharmen White

Program Supervisor

Shelby Mandez

Administrative Assistant