Our Story

Care From The Heart

Executive owners Dapo Amosun and Ferguson Adesoye founded Amicable Healthcare in April of 1997. They both come from cultures that greatly respect the elderly, and they have always regarded taking care of elders as a privilege. The best lesson is at the feet of the elders.

Dapo and Ferguson witnessed their loved ones working at a nursing facility, where institution-style living was normalized. This sort of living was averse to their beliefs, and it motivated them to provide a better solution for the elderly and open Amicable Healthcare. Their high regard for the elderly has continued to inspire their unparalleled level of service and care. Dapo and Ferguson believe that old age does not have to be a burden, but they are also aware of the complex social implications that elderly deal with. Dapo and Ferguson’s primary goal is to ensure that their clients live in the comfort of their home while receiving the best care possible.

What started out as an idea has become a reality for them and now their children. True to its name, Amicable Healthcare has established an over 20-year legacy of delivering “care from the heart” through quality, trustworthy staff. We have earned the respect, confidence, and long-lasting relationships of our clients and associates. Amicable has assisted thousands of families in Western Washington with their home care needs over the past two decades. Amicable now serves an average of 600 clients each year and employs roughly 700 quality care providers in its program.

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