adjective am·i·ca·ble \ˈa-mi-kə-bəl\

  1. characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable

Amicable Healthcare is a reputable home care service staffing firm based in Western Washington. Founded in 1997, we have a 20-year legacy of delivering the highest quality in-home care staffing services. We are licensed by the state of Washington, and our staff undergoes a rigorous background screening process as well as training and education to ensure the integrity of our services. We focus on meeting our clients’ unique needs with creative solutions and 24/7 availability. Amicable provides care from the heart with compassionate, ethical employees that you can trust.


What Our Clients Say

Communication is key to a good relationship with clients and employers. I have worked for Amicable Healthcare for six months. Whenever I have a question, it is promptly answered. The staff seems to really be there for me, and I haven’t had any complaints thus far. Keep up the good work, Amicable!
Hilary Cooper, Amicable Healthcare Caregiver